Towel Off | Choosing the Right Towel Size for You

Preferences on towel sizes vary depending upon personal preferences. Some people prefer oversized towels because of the extra terry cotton area an bigger towel has to offer, others prefer the most standard size for practical reasons. In other words, choosing a towel is entirely a matter of personal choice and lifestyle. Factors such as budget, personal choice, life experiences and space also play a significant role when choosing the right towel for you and your family.
We've put together a size chart below to see how each towel measures up.

Bath Towel: Measuring approximately 30" x 54", it is the standard and most popular after size. These towels get a lot action, mostly because they are used everyday to towel-off after a bath or shower. Kassatex towels come with a sewn-in hanger loop for quick-dry and easy storage, which makes the morning routine much more pleasurable.
Hand Towel: Measuring approximately 18" x 28", hand towels are without doubt the most used item of as towel set. As its name indicates they are used to drying hands or face after a quick splash. Indispensable and reliable a hand towel will always be there when you need one.
Washcloth: Measuring approximately 13" x 13", washcloths are used in and out of the shower. Great to wash your face, body and hands after a productive day. Face cloths are essential to the bath experience, they dry quickly and are easy to store.
Bath Sheet: Measuring approximately 34" x 66", bath sheets are a bit more indulgent than a standard bath towel, this generously sized towel is best suited for those who enjoy a bigger towel to wrap themselves in after a bath.
Tub / Floor Mat: Measuring approximately 20" x 34", tub mats are handy, hygienic, and very absorbent. This terry cotton floor mat is used outside the tub or shower to prevent the floor from getting wet and avoid a dangerous bathroom slip.

At the end of the day what matters the most is that you've chosen a towel set that matches your lifestyle and that won't break the bank in the process. At we have the widest selection of Kassatex inventory at the lowest prices available online.


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