How to Wash Your Towels the Right Way!

Have you ever wondered which is the right way to care for your cotton towels?. If so, read on!
The first step towards maintaining a healthy bath experience is washing your towels weekly.
freshly washed garments need to be dried properly to ensure they stay soft and thirsty longer. It 
is important to maintain good hygiene and freshness at home, that's why washing regularly is absolutely necessary.
Wash bath towels (at least) once a week!
It is important to conserve energy. However if you can, it is advised that towels should be washed separately to avoid coloring from other garments, such as jeans, kids clothing and so on.  Another danger that can be avoided by washing separately is that zippers and buttons can pull the terry loops of the towel in which case, you may just snip if off with a pair of scissors. Additionally by washing separately from other clothes you ensure a more effective wash, in the sense that exposure to shed lint, stains or germs from other cloths is strictly avoided.
Wash them separately!

Due to their construction terry cotton loops  are highly absorbent, so if you want to maintain their appearance you should only wash them in separate light or dark color groups. It may come across as common sense, but it is important to sort laundry loads by color. Light colored and white towels will stain when washed with dark clothes. Specially watch out for those new blue jeans.
Sort by color!

New garments have been recently through the manufacturing process, which involves dyes and other byproducts used for coloring and appearance. For a healthy bath experience and as a measure of hygiene and precaution, you should always wash a new towel before use. 

Wash before use!

Kassatex recommends that to preserve the color of each towel you must avoid cleansers that contain harsh chemicals including Benzoyl Peroxide. Over time harsh chemicals tarnish the terry loops causing them to be less absorbent and shortens their life-spam.

Avoid harsh chemicals!

To keep your garments free of odors and mildew it is important to sanitize them at least once every month. Vinegar can be used as a safer bleach alternative, not only it is biodegradable (eco-friendly) but it helps maintain the health of the cotton loop and also minimizes color bleeding.
Sanitize them once a month!

Do not leave them in the dryer longer than necessary. Over-exposure to heat will damage the terry loops/fibers and weaken your towel making it less absorbent. Keep an eye on the drying machine and make sure you pull them out of it, if you considered they are ready. Yes, even if there are a couple minutes left on the drying machine.
Dry them, don't fry them!


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