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                                                                        8-Piece Le  Bain Bath Accessory Set

The real beauty of creating a luxurious bath requires attention to detail, and Kassatex provides the decor that makes the difference. For bathroom remodeling needs, we offer beautifully crafted bath accessories in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials, all designed with balance, beauty and functionality in mind. Choices include vintage glass, acacia wood, fine porcelain, resin, lacquer, alabaster and more.

Lotion Dispenser: 
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using liquid soap over a bar when possible to cut down on sharing. The reason is because bars soaps don't usually dry completely between uses, especially on the bottom, leading to an accumulation of bacteria, fungi, and yeast that can be passed from person to person. For a healthy bath experience maintain the hygiene of your home with the essential soap dispenser.

Tumbler: Essentially a tumbler is the basic serving glass for liquid and it is normally used to put water in so you can conveniently rinse your mouth after cleansing your teeth. A tumbler is a bathroom essential and it is the second most sought after bath accessory after the lotion dispenser.   

Cotton Jar: Keep your counter-top clutter-free and put your bathroom vanity on display with the versatile cotton jar. Perfect size for cotton swabs, cotton balls, makeup pads and other daily essentials. Definitely, cotton containers are conveniently designed to make your daily routine go smoothly every time.

Toothbrush Holder: Avoid wasting time in the morning looking for the toothpaste or the misplaced toothbrush. Keep them together to make your everyday routine easier. Our toothbrush holders are exceptionally chic and bring a modern appeal to the bath. Generously sized to allow for electric toothbrushes which tend to be larger than the average brush.

Tissue Box Cover: 
Modern and refreshing, a tissue dispenser is perfect for the bathroom. Allows you to get a face tissue on the go and keeps your counter-top clutter-free. Hallow at the bottom with a opening at the top the design blends beautifully with matching bath accents to keep your decor on point.

Soap Dish: Many people are discouraged by the thought of switching to bar soap from their liquid soap pump. However, there are some popular types of soaps such as organic and artisans that only come in bar form. The soap dish stays clean because it allows the soap bar to dry which help avoid bacteria-growth and helps maintain the hygiene of the bathroom. Definitely, the soap dish looks beautiful and adds that touch of refinement a modern bathroom exudes.   

Tray: Among the most versatile bathroom utensils is the tray, multi-purpose this beautiful accessory rests atop the sink exuding elegance and adding that touch of personal appeal to the bath. Place a handful of fresh flowers in it, a bottle of fragrance, a cosmetics face cloth or a stack of fluffy white towels. Give your bathroom a makeover with a tray. 

Waste Basket: The waste basket sets the tone of your bathroom decor, by far one of the most important pieces of a bath accessory set. This essential piece lays on the floor blending beautifully with all types of flooring including marble and porcelain tiles. Make sure you pick the color and material that fits most with your home decor.

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